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Raynor Dock Doors
About Us
As our name suggests, casters and wheels are our primary products. We maintain the largest inventory of quality Colson casters in the state and stand ready to meet your needs. Our caster and wheel inventory is maintained in the component forks and wheels so that we can build just the right caster to meet your requirements and specifications.

If you need one caster or hundreds, we can deliver casters next-day to virtually anywhere in Alabama and the Southeast. Our trained staff has over 30 years of combined caster and wheel experience to help you choose the right caster for your application.

While casters are our primary focus, we also are a full line of material handling distributor. We offer a complete line of dock and door products as well as ergonomic lifting and work positioning equipment.

If you have a material handling problem or need, please call on us. We will be happy to visit your location and recommend a solution to your special problems.

Model 2500
Tall Orange Door
Insulated Doors
Strip Doors
Dock Levelers
Door Seals
Edge of Dock
Dock Lift
Container Tilter
Lift Table